lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Grupo Agua Biography

Grupo Agua was a folk band which was formed on Chile and traveled around all the South America. The singer and composer Nelson Araya being their frontman, the group came to achieve a notable popularity, mainly on Brazil, where they recorded with very important artists such as Milton Nascimento (Milton's album Geraes, with their participation on four tracks, sold more than a million copies) and Ney Matogrosso. Also, they played on the Brazilian singer Denise Emmer's albums.
Having played on Chile for two years, the band moved to Peru on 1976 and, on the same year, to Equador. Back to Peru, the band went on to Bolivia and, finally arrived on Brazil, where they met Milton Nascimento. Two years after, Brazilian label Som Livre released their debut, named Transparencia. The band made shows all across the country during a whole year, and participated on the album Seu Tipo, from the legendary ex-member of Secos & Molhados.
They returned to Chile on 1980 after having recorded the album Bazar Brasileiro with Moraes Moreira and, on the following year, recorded the album Amaneceres in which it can be heard the influences they achieved on Brazil during the four years they lived there. Grupo Agua intended to return to Brazil on 1981, but the band had it end with the arrival of two of the members.